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Mie Skip Hire has put in place a team of competent skip hire and waste management professionals who offer services that are tailored to your needs. We cater to a wide range of customers across W9 Maida Vale Warwick Avenue including building and construction contractors, homeowners and factories. Our many years in the waste management business have given us the needed experience to work on any type of waste. If you are dealing with unsafe materials that could cause damage to the environment, you need specialised equipment and techniques to dispose it off. This is where we come in handy. We have enclosed skips to handle such garbage. Our team of field personnel is also conversant with the necessary methods of disposing of such junk. So, working with us is a double plus for you.

When we are hiring a new member, we must take them through rigorous screening to ascertain their fitness. We want every member of our team to be able to handle even the most taxing tasks with professionalism and confidence. Since we started, our skip hire services have always been based on customer satisfaction. We are proud to report to you that we have no plans of changing that. Your contentment will always remain our main concern. We understand how difficult it can be to strike a balance between tending your daily activities and managing waste in your property. That’s why we have offered to help the people of W9 Maida Vale Warwick Avenue to get rid of their junk.

Many seem oblivious of the big difference between just removing waste from their property and disposing of waste responsibly. If you want to live in a clean and safe environment, you have to dispose of your waste responsibly. At Mie Skip Hire, we help you to organise trash by providing you with the right skip, in which you put all your waste for proper management and delivery. We then transport the junk to a designated dump site or a recycling firm for reprocessing. This has in return enabled us to remove landfills, leaving a clean and safe environment. 


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