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skip hire company NW5 Kentish

As a firm that is dedicated to helping the citizens of NW5 Kentish Town to advance their living conditions, we have put together a whole range of skips for hire. With such a wide collection of reliable skips to choose from, everyone is guaranteed to find a skip that matches their preference. Mie Skip Hire was established with the aim of providing the people of NW5 Kentish Town with simple and sustainable solutions to their waste management problems. If you have problems with your garbage, get in touch with us and we will give you a convenient solution. And if you are one of those who are used to burning their junk, it is important to seek assistance from knowledgeable Mie Skip Hire experts who will educate you on the best ways to dispose of waste responsibly.

We also recommend you to hire our skips because they are available in a range of sizes to suit all your waste management needs. For those who have large piles of trash, we have 20 yard skips to handle it. We also have 4 yard skips to cater for smaller stacks of junk, especially at home. Who are our clients? This is one of the most common questions that we come across every day. Unlike other skip hire and waste removal companies in NW5 Kentish Town, we cater for a whole range of clients including building and construction companies, factories, and property owners.

We also boast in having one of the most competent and committed team of waste removal specialists. For us to continue delivering the best quality, we ensure all our employees have the needed skills and experience to handle different types of waste removal projects. Before we hire a new employee, they have to go through our stringent screening to determine their fitness. You can therefore enjoy your peace of mind knowing that the people you are dealing with are specialists. Our skip hire services are available 24/7 and our contact lines are always open. We also guarantee you a comprehensive quote with no hidden charges. We want you to enjoy our pocket-friendly rates.


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