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Wait & Load

As the name suggests, wait and load skips are designed to wait in your property for a few minutes as you load the garbage. The main benefit of hiring these skips is that they are affordable and easy to deal with. You won’t have to spend extra cash paying the local authority for a permanent skip in your property.

Our wait and load skips are also ideal for hazardous waste that should not stay in your premises. You just need to get in touch with us and we will deliver a skip to pick the junk and deliver it to the recycling plant for reprocessing. Piling up garbage in your property causes air pollution especially when it decomposes. You can easily avoid such situations by hiring a wait and load skip from Mie Skip Hire. In cases where access to a building is limited, we advise you to go for a wait and load skip because it can be parked at a significant distance away from the site. And if you do not have enough workers to transport your garbage to the wait and load skip, our experienced men and women will handle the task.

Since our wait and load skips are hired for a short period of time, we guarantee you the best rates. Unlike in the past, it’s now easy to access a wait and load skip from every corner of London thanks to our growing range of skips for hire. Whether you want a 4 yard skip or a 20 yard skip, Mie Skip Hire is the right place to go. Do not allow junk to pile up in your property and force you to spend large sums of money removing it; just get in touch with us for a wait and load skip.

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