Moving home? You’ll need a skip

The hassle of buying a new home doesn’t stop when you sign on the dotted line. Instead, you can expect days – if not weeks – of moving your possessions, clearing out items and making the place feel like yours. This is exactly why you should consider hiring a skip. Here are just a few benefits that you can expect to enjoy.

Waste clearance
You’ll have hit the jackpot if you move into a property that’s perfect just as it is. Instead, it’s more likely that the residence will have some fixtures and fittings that aren’t to your taste. Rather than putting up with these, you can tear them out in the first few days and know that there’s a skip to accommodate all the waste.

Cost and time-effective
It’s not cheap moving home. Between stamp duty, solicitors’ fees and surveys, you can be down thousands of pounds. Therefore, you’ll want to cut corners where possible. A skip allows you to do this because it saves you wasting petrol on countless journeys to the tip. Of course, this also saves you precious time that can instead be used to do up your new digs.

Sadly, new homes can look like a bomb site if you’re not careful. Between your belongings lying around and other items left by the vendors, it’s easy for the place to become cluttered and untidy. This can be extremely stressful – especially when you’ve just forked out thousands to live there. Luckily, a skip – which can come in an array of sizes to meet your needs – can help you keep the property looking squeaky clean as you dispose of waste simply. 

Home sweet home!
Your new property could be your dream home – but only if you hire a skip. That’s why you should start browsing the wide selection available on our website to see which one best suits your needs, and give us a call today if you're unsure.