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For so long, the people of SE27 West Norwood have not had an opportunity to enjoy professional skip hire services at a friendly cost. Therefore, they have always relied on dangerous waste management procedures, most of which have had an irreparable effect on the environment. All the same, things are now improving courtesy of Mie Skip Hire. We are a highly regarded Skip Hire Company, committed to enabling people across SE27 West Norwood to deal with waste safely and effectively. Since our initiation, we have been assisting a different clients ranging from homeowners to building and construction companies and factories.

The extensive range of skips at our disposal enables us to deal with all kinds of waste. If you have a growing pile of hazardous trash that needs to be removed, get in touch with us. We will send to you a team of able waste management professionals whose assignment is to leave your property clean and conducive for habitation. Before we start out on your waste removal project, our team of project managers and waste management experts will do the necessary feasibility study to work out the most fitting skip and waste removal process for your junk. Overall, we provide you with a comprehensive quote immediately after the survey. You will also be involved in the entire waste removal process, making sure that you are fully content at every stage.

At Mie Skip Hire you are given a whole range of skips and trucks that are ready to collect your trash and deliver it to the recycling firm. If you are not sure about the type of skip to hire for your waste, we can guide you. We understand how essential it is for you to be able to get rid of trash in your property on a small budget. For this reason, we will advise you on how to lower the cost of your project without affecting the quality of our service. We offer both short term and long term skip hire services. With continued investment in high-end equipment and modern technology, Mie Skip Hire has developed to become one of the highly regarded skip hire firms in SE27 West Norwood.  


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